Management and administration fees

Management fees

The management fee covers a proportion of the council’s gross staffing and office costs of teams whose work directly or indirectly facilitate the delivery of services to homeowners, blocks and estates (eg national insurance, pension, employers liability, training, printing, and postage).

The leasehold proportion of the housing stock is just over 28%, but the proportion of the total cost charged to homeowners varies depending on the proportion of work provided by a team that is either leasehold specific (eg dealing with leaseholder enquiries) or for the benefit of residents (eg supporting resident associations, regulatory compliance).

Each service area in turn, includes the business costs such as human resources, finance, procurement, office accommodation and IT.

All of these costs and the proportions have been reviewed and the following areas are included in your management fee.

 Home ownership services at 62.82%

  • Homeowner enquiries
  • Maintenance of homeowner accounts
  • Statutory consultation
  • Calculation of service charges
  • Calculation of major works
  • Alteration requests
  • Lease extensions
  • Ground rent
  • Enforcement of covenants

Senior and executive management at 18.99%

  • Strategic direction and management
  • Head of service, director and executive director

Tenancy management - at 7.08%

  • General block or estate related matters
  • Block wide information and notices

Resident involvement - at 24.06%

  • Resident associations and support
  • Resident scrutiny panels
  • Housing forum
  • Community involvement projects

 Asset management at 11.95%

  • Major works programme planning
  • Stock surveys and data management

Housing policy and strategy at 18.87%

  • Formal complaints and freedom of information
  • Compliance and data protection
  • Service reviews and improvement projects

Ombudsman subscription - fee of 96 pence per property

  • Obligatory fee