Carer's emergency card

How the carer’s emergency card works

On applying for a carer’s emergency card, you will provide details of an emergency support plan, including details of up to three people who know the person you care for and can help out in an emergency.


In preparing your emergency support plan, you should:

  • speak to friends and relatives who might be able to step in at short notice to look after the person you care for
  • check they are okay with a call at any time, day or night, in an emergency -  or tell us on the form their availability if not 24 hours a day
  • provide them with a set of front door keys or tell them where keys can be obtained
  • make sure they are happy for you to share their contact details with the council
  • make sure that all the people on your emergency support plan have up to date details of the care plan or know where it is kept in your home
  • make sure they know what the person you look after needs and where to find medication, incontinence pads, hearing aids and anything else they might need (you can write out a task list and include routines, likes and dislikes)
  • give details of any other care coming into your home e. home care/nurse

The details of your emergency support plan will be kept on the social care database. This will make sure the details of the plan are available 24 hours.

If anything should happen, the emergency services can contact Ealing Council by ringing the number on your emergency card and reading out the reference number. Ealing Council will then put your emergency support plan into place, so the care you normally provide is continued.