Corrections to a birth, death or marriage certificate

If you discover an error within a birth, death or marriage registration, please contact the register office where the birth, death or marriage occured.

There is now a statutory charge to correct an entry. This is dependent on the type of mistake that has been made. The fee levied is either £75 or £90.

The person who was originally present at the time of registration will need to provide a statement outlining the nature of the error and how it has occurred. They will also need to confirm that they would be willing to attend the register office to witness the correction.

When can a correction be made?

Information that was recorded incorrectly at the time of registration can be corrected. This process cannot be used to change the details of a registration. For example if something on the original registration is spelt incorrectly then this would be changed by correction, however if you have simply changed you mind about a name or other information within the registration, these cannot be corrected in this way.

How to apply

  • To change the child's forename within 12 months of registration: Go to the changing a child's forename page where you can get the necessary application forms and information you need. There is now a £40 fee to change a child's forename.
  • For a correction to an entry: Go to the GOV.UK website where you can download all the required applications and read more information on the procedure. Then visit the relevant register office.

What happens next?

If the Registrar General is satisfied that an error has occurred and all the necessary evidence has been produced, they will write to you to let you know that the correction has been authorised. They will also let you know whether you need to attend. They will also write to the Register Office and authorise them to make the correction.

In most cases the correction will need to be witnessed by the original informant and you will need to make an appointment to do this. In some cases the Registrar General may need a Statutory Declaration before a solicitor or Justice of Peace. This would mean that the correction does need to be made in front of the original informant.

Once the correction has been made you can apply for copies of the certificate of the corrected entry in the normal way.