Mayor's office

Mayoral protocol

Title and form of address

The Mayor for the municipal years 2021/2022 is Councillor Munir Ahmed, the Mayor's Consorts are Mrs Fakirah Shaheen Ahmed and Miss Alveena Ahmed.   

The correct title is: The Worshipful the Mayor of the London Borough of Ealing and the correct form of address is Your Worship or Mr Mayor.

The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Mohinder Midha, the Deputy Consort is Mr Harban Midha.

Royal visits

It is the duty of the Mayor to be in readiness to attend upon and receive, on behalf of the borough, any member of the royal family.


The Mayor has precedence in all places in the borough except when the sovereign is present.  The Mayor should accordingly be placed on the immediate right of the Chairman or other person presiding unless the Lord Lieutenant is present, in which case the Mayor should be on the immediate left of the Chairman.

The Mayor's Consort should be seated on the immediate right of the Mayor or on the immediate left of the Chairman, except when the Mayor is on the Chairman's left, in which case the Mayor's Consort should be on the Mayor's left. If the Chief Executive is in attendance, they should be placed in close proximity.

The Mayor cannot accept the vice-presidency of any association or club during their period of office.

Toast list

The toast of the borough should follow the Queen. If the toast of the borough is omitted, it is usual to accord the Mayor the privilege of being first to propose or respond to the toast immediately following the loyal toast.

Bazaars, sales of work, etc

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are willing, whenever possible, to open bazaars, sales of work, etc. for charitable purposes. They should not be asked to open on the second day (if any) unless the first day's bazaar or sale is to be opened by a member of the royal family or the Lord Lieutenant.

Deputy Mayor

If the Mayor is unable to attend they may ask the Deputy Mayor to attend in their absence. The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Munir Ahmed. 

Arrival and departure

The Mayor tries to fulfil as many engagements as possible and as such he may have to arrive at a later time or depart before the end of the function. Whenever possible you will be notified in advance of the expected time of arrival and departure. Your co-operation in this matter would be very much appreciated.

It is customary for the Mayor to be greeted on arrival and escorted from the venue at the time of departure.