Disabled parking

The council can help people with disabilities by providing parking bays outside their home. A disabled bay is only introduced if the person holds a valid blue badge and is frequently unable to park within walking distance of their property.

A disabled parking bay is not exclusive to the person for whom it has been provided. Any person with a valid blue badge can park in a disabled bay at any time.

To be eligible for a disabled parking bay you must:

  • have a valid blue badge
  • live in Ealing borough 
  • demonstrate a genuine need for the bay or have a severe difficulty in walking
  • be a vehicle driver
  • have no off-street parking

How to apply

To apply, complete and return the disabled bay application form, using the guidance notes to help you. Approved disabled bay applications will need to be renewed every three years from the date of application.

Alternatively, you can request a form by telephoning (020) 8825 6565 (press option 3, and leave your contact details when requested). 

The guidance notes also provide information on the how to request for the removal of a disabled bay.

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