Ealing Council has not increased council tax for the seventh year running. The table below shows the tax for each valuation band for 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016.  Find your band

Valuation band Range of (1991) values Amount 2015/2016


Up to £40,000



£40,000 - £52,000



£52,000 - £68,000



£68,000 - £88,000



£88,000 - £120,000



£120,000 - £160,000



£160,000 - £320,000



More than £320,000


The above amounts are the maximum amount payable for each property band. Discounts and exemptions or council tax support can reduce the amount payable. 

All domestic properties in Ealing have been valued and placed into one of eight bands A to H according to their open market capital value at 1 April 1991.The valuations were carried out by the Valuation Office Agency, not by the council, and remain fixed until the property is sold.

All bands are detailed in the valuation list for the borough, which is available online at

The table shows the valuation bands used for England and the amount payable for this financial year for the London Borough of Ealing.

You can appeal if you disagree with the banding of your property.

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