Building insurance

Household building insurance provides financial protection against unpredictable risks. The insurance pays for the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home if it is damaged by unforeseen events (as detailed in the insurance policy).

We arrange building insurance cover for all leasehold properties. This is a condition of your lease and is because the council remains responsible for the upkeep, repair and maintenance of the structure and communal areas. Having more than one insurance company would prove difficult when making claims.

The building insurance only covers the structure and common parts of the building and not the contents of your home. We would strongly recommend that you arrange insurance cover for your contents.

Our home ownership services section deals with enquiries related to leasehold building insurance.


The risks covered under the policy in respect of loss or damage to the building are:

  • fire, lightning, explosion or earthquake
  • aircraft
  • storm, tempest or flood
  • escape of water (causing damage to the building)
  • escape of oil (causing damage to the building)
  • theft of fixtures and fittings, and damage caused by thieves
  • impact
  • riot
  • subsidence, landslip or heave (excluding the first £1,000)
  • damage by falling TV/radio aerials
  • falling trees

The insurance policy booklet (pdf) contains further information regarding all the terms and conditions of the building insurance currently in place. This booklet is provided with the first service charge invoice and also upon request. Please contact home ownership services to receive one in the post.

Payment and premium

The annual building insurance premium applies to the financial year as opposed to calendar year. You pay for it through your normal monthly service charges.

Under the policy, your property is given an 'insured value' which is the cost of rebuilding your home. The rebuilding value is different from the actual value of your home if you were to sell it. We adjust the insured value every year in line with changes made in the House Rebuilding Cost Index.

A copy of the Buildings Insurance Schedule for your property can be provided on receipt of an administration fee.


If you need to make a claim against your building insurance please contact Davies Managed Systems on 0844 856 2032 (24 hours). Davies Managed Systems are a claims handling company appointed by Ocaso Insurance Services to deal with claims on their behalf.

Please ensure that all claims are made within 90 days of the event leading to the loss or damage even if the cause of the damage has not yet been rectified. Claims made after 90 days will be rejected.

You should not start any works without obtaining permission from Davies. In cases of emergency, Davies Managed Systems can grant consent for urgent work by phone.

Where damage occurs that is covered by the risks detailed above, you are responsible for paying for the cost of repair/reinstatement, following which the claim will be dealt with by the loss adjusters and reimbursed directly to you.

There is a £50 excess for each building insurance claim except for subsidence, landslip and heave where a £1,000 excess applies.

Davies Managed Systems
Tel: 0844 856 2032 (24 hours)