Council elections 6 May 2010


Declaration of result of poll for the local council election 6 May 2010.  

COWING John (Con)
KAPOOR Ashok Kumar


Turnout: 69.65%
Electorate: 9553


Name of candidate Description Number of votes
CARPENTER Timothy Guy Libertarian Party UK  93
CHAPMAN Ann The  Conservative  Party  2704 elected
CONLAN Paul Nicholas The Labour Party  1971
COWING John The  Conservative  Party  2314 elected
EDWARDS Sarah Janet Green Party  792
HUQ Rupa Asha The Labour  Party  1754
IZZARD Colin David Liberal  Democrat Focus Team  1387
KAPOOR Ashok Kumar The Conservative Party Candidate  2023 elected
LEACH Eric Independent  388
MITCHELL John William Liberal Democrat Focus Team  1430
MOSZCZYNSKI Wiktor Andrzej The Labour Party Candidate  1628
READ Glendra Morley Green Party  456
TOMLINSON Eleanor Mary Green Party  580
WHITTAKER Robin Marie Liberal Democrat Focus Team  1357

Ballot papers issued:  6,650
Ballot papers rejected: 27