Our vision – becoming carbon neutral by 2030

Ealing Council is committed to treating the climate and ecological emergency as a crisis requiring immediate and vital action. That is why we declared a climate emergency in April 2019. 

Our aim is to become carbon neutral, as a borough and an organisation by 2030. Addressing climate change is not a challenge the council can face alone - it requires everyone in the borough to commit to a new vision of our future, one that delivers multiple benefits for our communities, health and the economy.

Climate and ecological emergency strategy

In January 2021, Cabinet adopted the council’s climate and ecological emergency strategy. The strategy sets out a plan to reduce the council’s produced emissions and outlines a commitment to use our influence to reduce emissions emitted across the borough. The intended outcome of these actions is to mitigate climate change and to reduce the loss of plants and wildlife on which human life depends.

The council’s approach to the strategy has been to focus on key thematic areas, where the organisation has the most control and direct influence, based on policies, procurement, projects and relationships. Each of the themes within the strategy identifies unique objectives, targets and actions that will either reduce or capture carbon emissions in Ealing and beyond.