Southall Gasworks

Reporting air quality concerns

All reports of odour are logged and investigated with council officers making site visits to witness the odour.  Where applicable to works on the Southall Gasworks site, complaints are reported to Berkeley West Thames' environmental consultant and necessary action is taken to mitigate the odour, including stopping works during hot weather and covering stockpiles. 

We encourage residents experiencing any problems to report them to us using the Odour Collect App or by email to, both of which notify when an odour is reported so prompt action can be taken.

Residents can also call 07971 988907 and leave a message between 8am-4pm Monday to Friday, but for prompt action it is best to report via the app or email.

Outside of the core hours of 8am-4pm Monday to Friday, residents can also report through the out of hours reporting line on 020 8825 8111.

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