London Living Wage business rate discount

London Living Wage accreditation

The Living Wage Foundation charges a fee for accrediting employers. The fee depends on the number of employees.

To become an accredited employer, you need to contact  the Living Wage Foundation and agree to pay both directly employed staff and contracted staff at least the London Living Wage.

If you cannot do this immediately, because of existing contracts, you can set a timetable of when your staff will be moved onto the London Living Wage. Further information about the Living Wage Foundation’s accreditation process is available on including FAQs for businesses.

The benefits of accreditation

There are many benefits of being a London Living Wage employer. Employers who are willing to pay their staff a living wage could benefit from: 

  • Attracting better applicants for job opportunities
  • Retaining staff for longer and ensure business continuity
  • Improving relationships with their workforce, which could increase productivity and reduce absenteeism
  • Enhancing the reputation of the business.  Accredited employers are eligible to use the Living Wage Employer logo demonstrating their commitment to fair pay and increasing attractiveness to potential customers, employees and funders.
  • The council will work with the Living Wage Foundation and employers who take up the discount scheme to help generate publicity locally.