Apply for a new resident's parking permit

You must be able to prove that you live within one of Ealing's Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) before you can be issued with a resident's permit.

Please note: not all residents that live within a CPZ are entitled to a permit; some properties in Ealing fall within a Low Car Housing Scheme (LCHS), as defined by the council's planning policy. 

Apply online

When you apply online, you will be asked to login to your permit account. If you have recently registered, please make a note of your login details so that you can manage your account and check your permit expiry date at any time.

During your application you will be asked to provide supporting documents if you are purchasing a new permit. Document proofs will need to be emailed to within 28 days from the date of your application. Scanned documents or legible images taken with a smartphone camera are acceptable.

When you have applied and paid for your permit, your permit will be valid from the start date and time of your successful application.

Please check your vehicle registration closely during the application process. For example, entering "RNO4 BJE" instead of "RN04 BJE" (letter "O" and number zero confused); incorrect details may make you liable for a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). 

Similarly, please make sure to select your address correctly. Sometimes our system doesn't place addresses in consecutive order, so if you are unable to find your address we would strongly encourage you to scroll through all the options before selecting an alternative, and incorrect, nearby address. 

Each registered keeper/leaser of a vehicle must have their own parking account. There is no limit to the number of permits registered at the same permit address, however each vehicle owner/keeper must have their own parking account.

Create a new permit account

If you have already registered for a permit account, you will be able to manage and check the status of your permit.

Log in to your permit account 

Before you apply

Permits are issued electronically, so you do not need to display a paper copy in your vehicle.

You must apply online unless you have a valid Blue Badge or wish to pay by direct debit (see below). Blue Badge holders are issued permits at no cost.

The cost of a permit will depend upon the type of fuel used by your vehicle, your vehicle's CO2 emissions, the hours of restriction in your parking zone and the number of vehicles in your household.

List of permit prices

Please note that many of our staff are now working remotely due to the government restrictions on Coronavirus, therefore we are not seeing customers at our reception. Where possible, please apply and make payments online, to help us process your request more quickly.

Apply by post

Applications take 10 working days to process from the date they are received by parking services.

Permit application for Blue Badge holders and direct debit payers

Please send to:

Parking services
PO Box 46264
W5 2UN

Low Car Housing Scheme (LCHS)

Typically, a property is part of a Low Car Housing Scheme when, either there is: insufficient off-street or on-street parking provision to accommodate all of the units within the development.

If there is no option to apply for a permit, or vouchers, once you have registered, this likely means that your property falls within a LCHS development and you are not entitled to a permit or vouchers. You may still register for visitor vouchers with our cashless provider - PayByPhone - in order to obtain parking sessions for your visitors. These vouchers are issued electronically; there is no paper copy to display in your vehicle.