Council tax band reduction for disability

If a person with a disability (an adult or a child) lives in your property you may be able to claim for a reduction. To qualify your home must have at least one of the following features which is essential, or of major importance, to the well-being of the person with a disability:

  • a room (not a kitchen, bathroom or toilet) used mainly for meeting the needs of the person with a disability - for example, an extension or extra room used for storing dialysis equipment or a wheelchair, or a bedroom on the ground floor in a dwelling with two or more floors; or
  • an additional bathroom or kitchen needed for the use of the person with a disability; or
  • extra space inside the dwelling to allow for the use of wheelchair

When considering whether a reduction should apply, the council will have to decide whether the person with a disability would be worse off if the extra feature was not available in the property. To qualify for a reduction the extra room does not need to be specially built, but can be an existing room used specifically for the person with a disability.

If you qualify, the amount of your bill will be reduced to one band below the actual band shown on the valuation list for your property. This will not affect the value of your home or its banding on the valuation list. If your property is in band A you would be entitled to a reduction of one ninth of the Band D charge.

How to apply

You can apply for a reduction by completing the disability reduction form.   

If it appears that the property has one or more of the qualifying features, we will arrange for a council officer to inspect the inside of the property and ask a few questions about the nature of the disability. We may also take a some photographs for our records.

To help us decide whether or not you are entitled to the reduction we may also, at a later date, need to ask for a letter from an occupational therapist, social worker, doctor or similarly qualified person supporting your application.

How to appeal

If you are not awarded a reduction and disagree with our decision you should write to us. You must explain why you believe you are entitled to a reduction. If we still do not believe you are eligible for a reduction you can appeal to the valuation tribunal.