Parking fines

Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

If you break a parking rule, you may get a fine (also known as a penalty charge notice).

What to do if you get a parking ticket 

The parking ticket will usually be stuck on your windscreen or handed to the driver by one of our civil enforcement officers (CEO). The ticket will be inside a yellow envelope and will have all the details you need on it. The details will include: the reason for the parking ticket being issued, how to pay, as well as how to make a challenge.

We can also post a parking ticket, if:

  • CCTV shows that parking rules have been broken 
  • A CEO is prevented from issuing a parking ticket
  • A vehicle drives away before the CEO can attach the parking ticket to the vehicle or hand it to the driver.

You can view evidence to see why you were fined.

If you think a penalty charge notice has been wrongly issued, you can challenge the PCN or pay a parking ticket.