Car parks and other visitor information

Car parks

There are various council run car parks across the borough:

Please note that most of our car parks are protected by height restrictors that prevent entry by vehicles in excess of 1.98m (6' 6").

Visitors with a Blue Badge

You can currently park free if you display a valid Blue Badge in one of our car parks or on-street where the sign reads "pay at machine", "pay by phone" or "permit holders". Please note that maximum stay restrictions do apply to Blue Badge holders in our car parks (please refer to the signage and use a clock to show the time your parking session began), but not to the types of on-street parking spaces, mentioned above.

Visitors with a motorcycle

You can currently park free if you park a motorcycle on-street in a designated motorcycle bay. You may also park free where the sign reads "pay at machine" or "pay by phone". If the sign states that a maximum stay applies, you may not stay longer than this period.

It is also important you park within the bay markings and position your vehicle at a right angle to the kerb. Motorcycle parking is only free in our car parks when using a designated motorcycle bay.

Parking tariffs

Most parking tariffs in Ealing are set between £1 and £3 per hour. The times of day and days of the week when restrictions apply (and therefore tariffs are payable) varies, but all on-street and off-street locations are free on bank holidays.

Parking tariffs are set in a way to manage the demand for parking in an area. This often involves balancing the needs of more than one group of road users. When setting the tariffs, the council considers feedback from residents, businesses and motorists in general. We also benchmark against other local authorities. We are trying to improve air quality and road safety and are currently investigating how we might use parking tariffs to encourage the use cleaner vehicles and sustainable modes of transport.