Travel in Ealing Charter

We are determined to shape Ealing for the better and tackle the big challenges ahead, like the climate emergency and the growing inequalities that hold too many people back from leading happy and healthy lives. We're committed to being open, transparent, and inclusive in how we engage with local people, including on transport and active travel projects.

The draft Travel in Ealing Charter has been developed after extensive consultation with hundreds of residents and stakeholders from across the borough. But we would still like your views on whether we have got our commitments and proposed approaches right.

Consultation on the draft Charter began on 19 August 2022 and ended on 20 October 2022.

Further information about our commitments and investments on active travel

As part of the engagement undertaken to inform the development of the Charter, a series of focus groups were undertaken by an independent market research agency with residents and with representatives of stakeholder and community interest groups, as well as additional targeted research to make sure that all parts of the community and residents of all seven towns were included.

Summaries of the findings of the research