Report an abandoned vehicle

You can report a dumped car, van, lorry, motorbike, caravan, trailer or boat on a public road or on your land. 

Before you start

If the vehicle is parked on a council housing estate, please contact the local housing hub

The vehicle may not be abandoned if the tax or MOT has recently been renewed. Please check if a vehicle is taxed

You will need

  • Vehicle registration number (number plate). If there is none, please enter “No Reg”
  • Make, model and colour, if known
  • Location of the vehicle, include nearest door number or landmark 
  • Condition of vehicle, eg burnt out, damaged or vandalised.

Uploading supporting documents

We may ask you to upload some documents; A photo of the vehicle, if you have one.    

  • Accepted file types: Word (docx), Acrobat (pdf), Excel (xlsx), Plain text (txt) 
  • Zip files can't be uploaded 
  • We also accept photos taken on phones and tablets and the following image file types - jpeg, gif, png  
  • There is a maximum individual file size per document of 50MB. 

What happens next

An inspector will look at this within five working days. If it has been abandoned, we will arrange to remove it. 

We will give the registered keeper a chance to claim the vehicle before towing it away. This may take several weeks. 

We will contact you if we have any questions. We will not tell anyone that you reported this.

This form should take approximately six minutes to complete.

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