Other ways to reuse and recycle

Residents are encouraged to use their household recycling service and the services listed below to maximise their recycling options. 

In June, Library of Things is coming to Ealing. From carpet cleaners, to drills, or projectors - join a growing community of people sharing items and skills to save money, repair broken items and cut down on wasteful one-time purchases. 

Any unwanted textiles can be placed alongside your recycling bin on your scheduled collection day.  Alternatively, TRAID provide free home collections of unwanted textiles as well as small electrical waste. 

Small electrical and electronic items (e-waste), contain precious metals and resources which can be recycled or reused to make new products. You can recycle them via the electrical banks around the borough. 

The Mindful Shopper is a guide to products and services which help people reduce waste as part of a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Nappies - it's not just a choice of big brand versus supermarket disposables, there's actually a whole range of washable nappies out there too.

Our Zero waste map provides amazing opportunities for your unwanted items or broken items to receive a new lease of life and helps to create a circular economy where things are kept in use for longer periods.