Additional site allocations for gypsy and traveller pitch provision: Summary report

Ealing LPA Regulation 18 Local Plan

  1. In 2018 the West London Alliance gypsy, traveller and travelling showpeople accommodation assessment (GTAA) identified a ‘planning’ need within the plan period for an additional 6 pitches in the borough of Ealing.
  2. The existing Gypsy and Traveller pitch provision in Ealing is the public site of 24 pitches at Bashley Road, Park Royal. Although this site is within the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) Local Plan area it is owned and managed by Ealing Council. However, it is a highly constrained site and there is no opportunity to increase capacity to accommodate the additional need. 
  3. Therefore, In February 2023, the council commissioned Three Dragons to provide advice on the delivery of additional Gypsy and Traveller pitches, in order to identify sites required to meet future accommodation needs in the borough. At the outset of the study the council provided Three Dragons with a list of sites to be assessed drawn from the existing provision, land being made available for development by private landowners and land owned by the council.
  4. The site assessments were undertaken in two stages and covered the tests for suitability, availability and whether they would be achievable as set out in the national guidance. 
  5. In all 16 sites were considered as part of the assessment including the current provision at Bashley Road. Three deliverable sites (i.e. within 5 year) were identified by the consultants together with a further two developable sites (i.e. could come forward beyond 5 years). Not all these sites will be required to meet future need for gypsy and traveller pitches but given some of the site constraints identified and challenges posed in delivery, it is important that there is flexibility in the planning system. 
  6. Based on a further consideration of the planning balance between competing uses and likely deliverability, the council has decided to consult on two of these sites:   
    - Downs Barn Farm/West London Shooting Ground (Eastern Section) (Site 5A in the consultant’s report)
    - Northolt Driving Range (Site 11) 
  7.  Each of these sites can meet the minimum requirement of 6 pitches. 
  8. However, the consultants concluded that one of the three deliverable sites - West London Shooting Ground - Eastern Section (site 5A) - may be more achievable as progress is not dependent upon securing the other mixed uses for the Northolt Driving Range (site 11). This site is therefore favoured by the council. 
  9. Notwithstanding this, views are welcomed on both sites and on any other finding of the evidence base report including the suggested planning policy approach. The feedback received from this Initial Proposals (Regulation 18 consultation) will be used by the council to inform the identification of a potential site to address ‘planning’ need in the Final Proposals (Regulation 19) version of the New Local Plan.
  10. A copy of the consultant’s report has been published on the council’s website and forms part of the growing evidence base for Ealing’s New Local Plan that provides a detailed context for this Local Plan Regulation 18 consultation. It is important to note that no final decisions have been made on sites at this stage and your feedback will help shape any future decisions in local plan making.  
  11. You can read the consultant’s full report on the New Local Plan page.
  12. We will also place paper copies of the report and paper forms at Northolt Library: Church Road, Northolt UB5 5AS
  13. The easiest and most efficient way to make comments on the consultation is to submit them using this online survey
  14. Alternatively, you can respond in writing and send your completed forms to: 14-16 Uxbridge Road, London W5 2HL.
  15. Or send an email to  
  16. All responses must be received by 16 August 2023. No representations will be accepted outside of this period.