Report a breach of planning regulations

You can to report an alleged breach of planning regulations online. Your request will be treated as confidential, but please supply your name and address as we will not investigate anonymous complaints.

Before you start

Please read the details about matters that planning enforcement will investigate before submitting your report.

Read about what matters planning enforcement will investigate

Report a breach

You will need to include:

  • a description of the use or building works 
  • the address and location 
  • when the use or building works started
  • an explanation of the harm you feel it causes 
  • what you think should be done to overcome that harm

Start your report

What happens next?

We will:

  • treat your report confidentially, unless otherwise agreed or required by law
  • log your report and check whether planning permission has been granted for the development or use, or if we are already investigating the matter
  • acknowledge your report within three working days of receipt
  • if necessary, visit the site within 10 working days to gather information about the use or building works
  • establish whether there is sufficient evidence and harm to pursue enforcement action