Environmental enforcement

We are taking a tough stance against littering and fly-tipping, with thousands of on-the-spot fines being issued since last year. If you are caught, an on-the-spot littering fine will be issued for £150 or up to £400 for fly-tipping.

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste, and is considered a serious offence by the council. Whether it comes from a household or a business, the dumping of black sacks of rubbish, mattresses and other unwanted items on the road, pavement, park or anywhere else is fly-tipping.  As a minimum, the fine is £400 and the maximum penalty is an unlimited fine or up to five years imprisonment. We will prosecute where we need too.

Please report anyone you witness dumping illegally, including the date, time and the location.

Report a fly tipper

Fines and prosecutions

  Year to date Month to date
  Fines issued Fines issued
Fly tipping 6711 385
Littering 3087 924

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