Street signs

Report a street sign problem

You can report a street sign problem, such as a damaged or missing sign, online.   

Report a street sign problem

New street signs

We deal with applications for local direction street signs. These signs help visitors find an attraction or facility. They are not used for advertising. Signs can either be permanent or temporary.

Permanent direction signs cannot be used for schools, nurseries or commercial premises. 

There is a £100 non-refundable administration fee for all sign applications.

Permanent direction signs

Permanent direction signs, also known as brown tourist signs, are for businesses and organisations that serve local residents or attract visitors from outside of the borough.  

Churches, local heritage sites, charities, golf courses, government offices, libraries or similar public buildings are some examples of organisations that can ask for these signs.

Locations must be open to the public and frequently visited to qualify. Applications will only be successful if a site cannot be seen from a main route or is difficult to get to without a sign.

You will need to pay for the signs. We will give you an estimate of the cost to design, supply and put up the signs before we start any work. The cost will depend on the scale of work. It will usually cost between £250 and £1000.

Any signs we install for an organisation becomes their responsibility. This includes any maintenance costs.

Check if your organisation qualifies for permanent directional signs by reading the permanent signing policy.

Apply for a permanent direction sign

Temporary direction signs

Temporary signs are usually used for special events, in universities, colleges, sports venues, leisure centres, churches, fairs and new housing developments. Approvals for signs depend on certain rule (available on request). Contact the AA, RAC or a similar motoring association to apply for a temporary sign.

Sign removal

The council has the right to remove signs that are:

  • Unsafe or unacceptable due to wear and tear
  • Damaged through vandalism or general deterioration
  • Not needed because the attraction or facility is closed
  • Failing to meet our standards.