Report a problem with street lighting

You can report problems with street lights or illuminated signs on council-maintained roads and footpaths (public highway) to the council. You can report a fault online or by telephone.

Traffic signal faults should be reported to Transport for London.

Before you report a problem

The more information you can give the better.

Reports of lights out are inspected during the day, so it is very important to give an exact location or the light number. The street light number can be found on the light column at eye level facing the road.

Report a street lighting problem


You can report a fault by telephone when urgent attention is required, including immediate threats to safety from exposed wires, a missing door or if the lamp is loose or knocked down.

When phoning, you will be asked for:

  • your name and postcode
  • the location of the light (ie street name, house number beside or opposite the light)
  • the type of fault (eg light out or flickering)

Telephone: 020 8825 6000 (emergencies only)

Response times

Response times

  • Missing door covers, exposed wires, knocked down street furniture: One hour
  • Flickering lights/lights on permanently: Five working days
  • Lights out: Twenty five working days (possibly a further ten working days for electrical disconnection and then re-connection - this is outside the council's control)