Homes for Ukraine - Information for hosts

Checks for HfU scheme

If you have registered on the Government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme to host refugees, you should expect to be contacted very soon regarding the property and dbs/safeguarding checks required.

1. Accommodation checks (carried out before guests arrive) 

  • A council officer must visit to ensure property is fit to live in – i.e. it is safe, heated, free from serious hazards and arriving families/persons have access to bathroom and kitchen facilities.
  • Confirm that arriving family/persons will not be overcrowded and have separate room(s) – no sofa bed in communal area etc..
  • Initiate Standard DBS checks for all persons aged 16+ in the host household.
  • Initiate Enhanced DBS check for all persons aged 16+ in host household if children (<18) are part of arriving household. Exception if arriving children are part of host household’s family (e.g. a niece) in which case Standard DBS only required.

2. Safeguard checks (carried out once guests have arrived)

  • A council officer must visit to confirm arriving persons are well and there are no serious safeguarding concerns.
  • Needs assessment to be carried out under Care Act 2014 if suspected adults in arriving household may have care needs.
  • Where support needs identified, initiate Enhanced DBS check for any host adults (16+) where it is proposed they will be provided arriving families with support.

Subsistence payments to refugees

In respect of the subsistence allowance for your guests, the adult/s will need a British bank account set up, assuming that they do not have one already. They can make an online application for a basic account, they will need to produce ID at a branch, but a Ukrainian passport with a visa should suffice. Contacting a local bank to check their individual requirements is advised to reduce duplicated efforts, but obviously the council cannot recommend any particular bank. We will need to be told when this is completed. We will also need a photo of the adult/s bank card or a letter disclosing the individual’s bank details to process the payment.

Thank you payments to hosts

Host payments are one month in arrears and the process for claiming has only recently been completed and tested. Please complete this form.

This information will then be verified and payments into hosts bank accounts arranged on a regular monthly basis.

Payments will be backdated based on the arrival date of refugees.

Welfare benefits

Most adults will also need to complete an online application for universal credit and will then be asked to attend an appointment at the Job Centre to validate this, to get it into payment. They will also need a bank account to do this.

If you are unable to work due to injury disability or ill health, there are other benefits that you may be eligible to apply for.


Within Ealing there is easy access to many schools, colleges and universities enabling residents to study a large range of subjects at various levels. This includes ESOL and English lessons. The various public libraries and study centres also enable the residents of Ealing to access computers, teachers, books and a range of other resources outside the classroom.

Additionally, Learn Ealing ensures adults are able to gain new skills and pursue personal interests by offering a variety of learning courses ranging from childcare to sewing courses or computer training.

  1. Schools
    With regard to schools, the process varies but initially go to school admissions on this website, from where you can apply to most schools: However, you should note that some voluntary aided schools, such as Catholic or Church of England schools only take direct applications for in-year admissions, so you will need to contact them directly. They usually have a very comprehensive website of their own.
  2. Younger children
    Information on options for younger children.
  3. English classes
    Details of Learn Ealing's English lessons.

Further details will be available on this webpage shortly about extended arrangements for Ukrainian refugees.

Holiday Activities and Food programme (HAF)

Ukrainian refugee school-aged children (Reception to Year 11) can get free holiday activities and healthy food if they are in receipt of free school meals. We can also support vulnerable children that do not qualify for free school meals. For more details, please visit the Ealing’s family Directory webpage

Health and GP registration

There are many hospitals, urgent care centres, doctor surgeries, dentists, opticians and pharmacies across the borough to ensure the health and care needs of all its residents are met. Should you require any medical assistance you will be able to visit any one of the aforementioned medical practices.

To register with a GP you will need proof of address. You should go to the GP surgery and ask to register with them, and you will have to complete a form that they will give you. After that you will be given an appointment for a general health check.

Mental health resources 

Thrive LDN has developed mental health resources for those supporting displaced Ukrainians, including:

  • A guide to helping displaced Ukrainians’ concerns or worries
  • Training in trauma informed practice in humanitarian crisis (to be delivered during May)
  • Links and signposting to other organisations that can help.

Public transport

Ealing has a great transportation system. There are a variety of train stations across Ealing. The main operating station in Ealing is Ealing Broadway station which operates on underground lines and the Great Western Railway. The nearest airport to Ealing is Heathrow airport, which is only around 30 minutes away from Ealing. Ealing also has well established bus transportation system that ensures all parts of the borough are easily accessible.

You will need to buy an oyster card or use a debit card on all buses.

Information about public transport in London.

Finally, you can email with any questions that you still have.