Noise nuisance

Investigating your complaint

We can investigate complaints and take action against those who persistently cause excessive and unreasonable noise.

We will write to your neighbour to advise them that a complaint has been received but your details will remain confidential.

If this initial action fails to resolve the issue and you continue to be disturbed by noise, it will be necessary for the council to visit you to witness the noise in person and make an assessment.  

We will send you logging sheets for you to record the dates and times of any further noise nuisance.  Records can help to identify any pattern to the disturbance and assist in scheduling visits to witness an incident.

You may also contact our response service to request a visit to assess the noise when it is occurring. 

If a statutory noise nuisance is proven:

The council can serve a noise abatement notice on the person responsible.  If the notice is breached and further noise is witnessed, a prosecution can be pursued.

If the notice continues to be breached, the council may also apply to the court for a warrant to seize any noise making equipment.