A PlayStreet is a two to three hour stewarded road closure for children to play out safely in the street once a month. PlayStreets provide a great chance to bring a real sense of community spirit to the whole street. Everyone is welcome to come and join in - bring a cup of tea and enjoy socialising with your neighbours while the children play.

This is a resident-led initiative with Ealing Council's backing.

World Car Free Day 

Ealing Council are inviting residents to apply to close their road to celebrate World Car Free Day on Sunday 22 September.

Eligible street closures will be able to receive a service or PlayStreet kit up to value of £50 to put towards their event. Additionally, all streets taking part will be entered into a prize draw to win an on-street go kart building session courtesy of London Play. 

To apply to close your street on this day please either fill out this form or email: with the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your full address including your postcode
  • The street you wish to close for World Car Free Day
  • Whether you wish to run a community street closure ie on a major road or a PlayStreet on a residential street

Streets that wish to run one-off PlayStreets will be required to run a short consultation with neighbours to demonstrate support for the initative. 

The closing date for applications to be received and consultations to have run is Wednesday 7 August 2019

How it works 

If you are interested in setting up a PlayStreet in your area, there are a few basic steps. 

PlayStreets are resident led, which means that Ealing Council will support and guide you through setting up a PlayStreet as much as we can - but ultimately it will be driven by you.   

  • Talk to your neighbours and see if there is interest.  You may be surprised how positive people will be. 
  • Once you have got a few friends together, have an initial meeting with fellow organisers who want to set up the Playstreet. 
  • Get in touch with Ealing Council (see contact details below) - we can then provide you with further information and a pack which includes templates and an online survey to distribute to every address in your street. 
  • Once you've got your information pack from the council, you are ready to carry out a house-to-house survey with neighbours.  You will need to show support for the scheme from the majority of the residents in the street. 
  • Return the collected survey signatures and completed application form via email or post.  
  • If the response is in favour of a PlayStreet the council will then apply for a Temporary Traffic Order on your behalf (this takes six to eight weeks and is permanent once in place). 
  • When your traffic order is approved, the council will send you a PlayStreet kit. This will contain everything you need (minus the tea and biscuits!). 
  • Let everyone know when your first Playstreet will be! 


For more information please email:

More Information 

Playing Out is a not-for-profit national organisation providing free resources and advice for residents wanting to enable children to play out in their own streets through organising temporary road closures and other means. As well as a step-by-step 'manual for organisers', you can download template posters and other materials or contact them directly for advice.

London Play strive for London's children to have the best free play opportunities, near to where they live. As well as actually creating opportunities for children to play by building play areas or running events, London Play also support other local organisations, groups or individuals to do the same.