Play Streets

Children (and adults) can reclaim their streets for a few hours and have fun outdoors, all thanks to a scheme that closes residential streets to through traffic for up to 3 hours at a time.

It is a great way to build community spirit, with parents and residents able to apply to close a street and act as marshals.

It also promotes safer neighbourhoods, helps to reduce air pollution, and encourages outdoor activity, all while having fun.

Organising a Play Street

We make it easy for you to organise your own Play Street by giving you all the equipment you need, such as traffic cones and hi-vis jackets for adult stewards.

Best of all it's free.

Getting started

Play Streets are resident led, which means that the council will support and guide you through setting up a Play Street as much as we can, but ultimately it will be driven by you.   

To find out more and apply for a Play Street event, complete the follow steps:

  • talk to your neighbours and see if there is interest. You may be surprised how positive people will be
  • once you have got a few friends together, have an initial meeting with fellow organisers who want to set up the Play Street
  • email to find out if your street is eligible (for example, it must be a residential street with no bus route). We will also provide you with further information and a pack which includes templates and an online survey to send to every address in your street
  • once you have your information pack from the council, you are ready to carry out a house-to-house survey with neighbours. You will need to show support for the scheme from most of the residents in the street
  • return the collected survey signatures and completed application form by email or post
  • if the response is in favour of a Play Street, the council will then apply for a traffic management order on your behalf (this takes 6 to 8 weeks and is permanent once in place)
  • when your traffic order is approved, the council will send you a Play Street kit. This will have everything you need (minus the tea and biscuits)
  • let everyone know when your first Play Street will take place

Apply for a Play Street

More information

For more information on Play Streets, email

You can also look visit:

Also learn more on how to steward a Play Street scheme