Play Streets


A Play Street is a two to three hour stewarded road closure for children to play out safely in the street once a month. Play Streets provide a great chance to bring a real sense of community spirit to the whole street. Everyone is welcome to come and join in - bring a cup of tea and enjoy socialising with your neighbours while the children play.

This is a resident-led initiative with Ealing Council's backing.

How it works 

If you are interested in setting up a Play Street in your area, there are a few basic steps. 

Play Streets are resident led, which means that the council will support and guide you through setting up a Play Street as much as we can - but ultimately it will be driven by you.   

  • Talk to your neighbours and see if there is interest.  You may be surprised how positive people will be. 
  • Once you have got a few friends together, have an initial meeting with fellow organisers who want to set up the Play Street. 
  • Get in touch with the council - we can then provide you with further information and a pack which includes templates and an online survey to distribute to every address in your street. 
  • Once you've got your information pack from the council, you are ready to carry out a house-to-house survey with neighbours. You will need to show support for the scheme from the majority of the residents in the street. 
  • Return the collected survey signatures and completed application form via email or post.  
  • If the response is in favour of a Play Street the council will then apply for a Traffic Management Order on your behalf (this takes six to eight weeks and is permanent once in place). 
  • When your traffic order is approved, the council will send you a Play Street kit. This will contain everything you need (minus the tea and biscuits!). 
  • Let everyone know when your first Play Street will take place! 

Apply for a Play Street


For more information please email: