Gurnell Leisure Centre redevelopment

New facility

Why build a new centre

Gurnell Leisure Centre has been open since 1981 and was the borough’s first ‘leisure water’ facility alongside the standard competition pool. The industry standard lifespan for similar facilities is 30 years and Gurnell Leisure Centre has already been open 35 years.   

If refurbishment to the existing leisure centre was offered as the only option, the council would not be able to deliver the full mix of facilities needed to meet the estimated future demand.

The council would need to spend a large amount of money refurbishing the existing centre. It is hard to estimate this cost, but it could be as much as 80% of the cost of a complete replacement. The level of refurbishment needed to the structure, roof and plant areas would also mean the facility would be closed for longer.

Skate park, BMX track and playground

There will be a new skate park, BMX track and playground built as part of the redevelopment. The council is talking to the clubs and users groups of those areas to look at whether these facilities can be provided at other locations during the redevelopment.