Gurnell Leisure Centre redevelopment

The council is redeveloping Gurnell Leisure Centre to provide a brand new flagship leisure facility in Greenford.

In April 2022, the council commissioned Mikhail Riches Architects to undertake a feasibility study to investigate the options for the replacement of Gurnell Leisure Centre. This follows the closure of the existing centre at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. The feasibility study is expected to be completed in autumn 2022 with recommendations which will inform the next steps for the project.

The Gurnell Sounding Board

The Gurnell Sounding Board has been established to provide a way for community and leisure stakeholders to assist in steering the Gurnell project. The intention of the Sounding Board is to enable those attending to:

  • Find out accurate, up-to-date information about the Gurnell project on a rolling basis
  • Hear the council’s rationale for the plans and be given the opportunity to ask questions and comment on these
  • Provide a forum for stakeholder views and comments to be expressed and recorded to inform the council’s plans as they are developed.

The Sounding Board has been established in parallel with, and in order to inform, the feasibility study currently underway, however the Sounding Board is intended to continue to operate beyond the initial stage of the project and on into any future planning and construction stages. The Sounding Board has been established in addition to, rather than as a replacement, for more general public engagement activities which are to be carried out during the course of the project, including planning consultation and more general communications.

Chair of the Sounding Board

An independent Chair has been appointed to the Sounding Board and the forum is impartial and is run and steered independent of the council’s own governance arrangements. The role of the Chair is to encourage debate and dialogue, identify areas of consensus, capture differences in views and to act as a broker between the council and the community on the project.

Gurnell Sounding Board membership

The membership of the Gurnell Sounding Board has been established in order to bring together a wide range of views and interests in the Gurnell project. The Sounding Board meetings are designed to allow sessions to be focused and productive and to encourage views to be openly and freely shared. Membership is reviewed by the Chair on an ongoing basis. Should you have an interest in the Gurnell project and wish to make a request to join the Gurnell Sounding Board, either as an individual or on behalf of an organisation, please send a short email to with a brief summary of your interest in the project.

Papers from Sounding Board meetings held so far, including details of progress, decisions made and next steps and a Terms of Reference can be found with the links below:

Vision workshop

Sounding board 1

Sounding board 2

Sounding board 3