Biodiversity Action Plan

Biodiversity means the abundance and variety of all life on earth. This includes all animals, plants, the habitats they live in and the ecosystems they are part of. The relationships between species, habitats and ecosystems and their processes are key to sustaining a healthy, functioning planet and creating essential environmental, social and economic benefits for people.

Following the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, the government implemented a hierarchy of biodiversity action plans also know as a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). This required all councils to prepare plans for conserving and enhancing local habitats and wild species. 

The aim of the new Ealing Biodiversity Action Plan is to produce a set of objectives and actions to assist in delivering and protecting strategic biodiversity networks taking into consideration both local and national priorities.

The vision of the Ealing BAP is to:

  • Conserve and enhance habitats that create better, and more interconnected places for wildlife across Ealing
  • Increase awareness of biodiversity and encourage more people to connect with nature and by doing so take positive actions that benefit biodiversity in Ealing.

The Ealing BAP covers the whole borough, from parks, public and private green infrastructure and spaces to buildings of all types and transport networks. It provides strategic and practical direction for conserving and enhancing biodiversity for a range of audiences, including council departments, an individual, organisation or developer seeking further guidance, whether you are already interested in nature or have little idea of what to do.

It has been developed through consultation with internal and external stakeholders, including local experts, conservation and community groups, land managers and different services within the council. All these contributors, in addition to residents, the voluntary sector, private, health and social housing landlords and owners, schools, local businesses and developers are all vital in contributing and successfully delivering actions to protect and enhance biodiversity in Ealing.

Covering the period from 2022 to 2027, the BAP outlines the current status and future priorities for habitats and species.