Memorial bench, tree or plaque

Park memorials

A memorial bench or tree is a thoughtful way to remember a loved one. It can stand as a reminder of their life for many years to come. It's also a place for family and friends to reflect on memories and shared moments.

If you’re looking for a way to create a memorial for a loved one, then you can apply to donate a memorial bench or tree in some of our parks and open spaces The tree or bench can also have a plaque in dedication. Plaques can also be placed on an existing bench or tree.

We will maintain any memorial bench. We will not be able to replace the plaque or bench at the end of its useful life and we do not accept responsibility if a memorial is damaged, vandalised or stolen. 

Memorials in cemeteries

We also run a memorial scheme, where you can ask for a tree, bench or plaque in either Greenford Park Cemetery or Hortus Cemetery, in memory of a loved one.

Memorial benches

 Types of benches 

We offer an oak bench or a Clarendon bench, without or without a plaque.

  • Oak bench without plaque: £800
  • Oak bench with plaque: £1050
  • Clarendon bench without plaque: £1250
  • Clarendon bench with plaque: £1500
  • Memorial plaque on existing bench: £300.   

Putting the bench in place

Once the location and what you want written has been agreed, our supplier will send you a test copy and a quote for you to approve. We will give you an order number and let you know how to pay once the order has been confirmed. 

Delivery and installation of the bench is included in the total cost. This will take around 8-12 weeks, from when the payment is made.  

Only text inscriptions are allowed, graphics are not allowed. Final approval of text will be made by the parks service manager to make sure it is suitable for a public open space.

We welcome family members to attend when the memorial plaque is installed. 

Bench removal

If your donated bench is in a bad condition, damaged or unsafe for public use, we will need to remove it. We will try to contact the family members to let them know and also ask whether they want to donate a replacement bench. If the family do not want a replacement or if we do not get a reply within six weeks, then we may offer the space to another family. 

We keep a database of contact details for each family. Please contact us to update your details if they change.

Apply for a memorial bench or plaque 

Memorial trees

Memorial tree costs 

  • Memorial tree without a plaque: £400
  • Memorial tree with plaque: £750.

Tree planting season

The tree planting season runs from October until March each year.

The deadline for applications each year is 1 October. Any applications made after this time may not be considered until the next season. 

Maintenance of a memorial tree

We will make every effort to maintain your tree, but as it will be on a public site, the council is not responsible for any damage or vandalism. We will guarantee the tree against defect (drought, poor quality stock and poor quality maintenance) until established, which usually takes 1-2 years.

Apply for a memorial tree