Apply for an in-year primary school place

Apply for a school place to start during the school year 2018/19

The following schools do not co-ordinate in-year applications with Ealing Council, if you wish to apply you will need to do so directly with the school(s):

Ealing faith school (Christian, Catholic, Sikh) applications

If you are applying to a faith school, in addtion to your application you must complete the school's Supplementary Information Form (SIF) and return the additional documentation to the school. Go to the primary schools directory to access the SIF of the faith school you wish to apply for.


School places are offered weekly (during term time only). All applications received before 4pm on a Friday will be included in the following week's allocations. You will be sent an email within 14 days of making an application confirming the outcome. Please be aware that confirmation cannot be given by the admissions team until the email has been sent. 

For example, if you apply after 4pm on Friday 7 September and before 4pm on Friday 14 September you can expect to receive an email to confirm the outcome of your application by 4 pm on Friday 21 September. The admissions team will not be able to advise of the outcome before Monday 24 September.

Nursery aged children

If your child was born on or after 1 September 2015 you can contact the family information service for advice on nursery activities and education.

Start your in-year primary school application

Guidance notes for completing your in-year school application