Acceptable documentation

In-year school admissions

Proof of date of birth

Please provide a copy of the following documents as evidence:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical card

Proof of address

Proof of home address must be in the parents name at the address given on your application form and be dated within the last six months

Please provide a copy of the following documents as evidence:

  • Your current year’s council tax bill
  • Recent child benefit or child tax credit letter
  • Letter confirming entitlement to benefits (housing, income support, jobseekers etc)
  • Tenancy agreement from a registered lettings agency
  • Private tenancy agreement with copies of two bills/documents
  • Letter from social services, National Asylum Support Service (NASS), United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) or housing department confirming placement at your address

If you are renting shared accommodation or living with family or friends and are unable to provide any of the above provide the following documents as evidence:

  • Copy of the council tax payers most recent bill
  • Written confirmation from the council tax payer that you are living at the address, the date you moved in and how long you intend to stay
  • Two bills/documents in your name at this address

Acceptable bills/documents to provide with a tenancy agreement or written confirmation from the landlord/registered tenant (not sufficient on their own):

  • Bank statement/credit card statement
  • Mobile phone bill
  • Utility bill (gas/electric/water etc)
  • Wage slip

Provision of an incorrect date of birth or home address or other false information will lead to the withdrawal of an offer of a school place.  If there is any doubt as to the validity of the information given, internal council checks will be made and, if the findings are inconclusive, the matter will be put in the hands of an investigator.