Waiting list

The in-year admissions team maintain the waiting lists for all community schools in the London Borough of Ealing in line with the published admission criteria.

Own admission authority schools (foundation, voluntary aided, academy) are responsible for assigning criteria to their applicants and ranking their own waiting lists.

The criteria used to determine waiting list positions for all schools in the Ealing borough can be found in the primary school prospectus and high school prospectus.

A place can only be offered from the waiting list once a vacancy is declared by the school.  There is no way to predict when an offer can be made at a school that is full as vacancies only arise once a child has left the school.

Vacancies will be offered to the pupil with the highest priority on the waiting list, length of time on a waiting list cannot be taken into account. The position of a pupil on the waiting list changes frequently and can move down as well as up if other pupils having higher priority apply.

Should the school tell a parent that vacancies are available, it is important to bear in mind that there may be a waiting list and the admission criteria will determine who will be offered the place/s.