Sending evidence for housing benefit or council tax support

Evidence to support your housing benefit and/or council tax support claim can be sent online.

You may need to provide evidence in support of a new claim, a change in your circumstances or if we have written to you requesting information for other reasons.

If you are making a new claim you must send all supporting documentation to us within one month of making your claim. The sooner you send the evidence the quicker we can help you.

You must report all changes of circumstances once you have made a claim as soon as possible otherwise you may be over paid benefit which you will have to repay. Changes which result in an increase in benefit which are reported more than a month after they occur, will usually only be taken into account from the Monday following the day you tell us. 

Check the documents needed to support a new claim for housing benefit or council tax support.

How to send evidence

Use our evidence upload form to send evidence to us. Your details and documents will be securely sent to us.

If you are unable to upload evidence online you can post it to:

Ealing Council
PO Box 32251, London W5XA