Household support fund

The household support fund is available until September 2022. It gives those who qualify, help towards food and essential items. The government has already announced an extension of the household support fund. Details to be confirmed. 

You do not need to apply. The following households will get the household support fund automatically:  


Families eligible for benefits related free school meals, based on low income, will get supermarket vouchers.

  • July - £90 per child


Families with children under the age of five, who get housing benefit and/or council tax reduction.

  • July - £90 per household


Pensioners, in receipt of pension credit, will get a one off £104 payment through the post office in September. We will write to all eligible pensioners at their home address to let them know how to claim the payment.

Care leavers

Ealing care leavers will get supermarket vouchers.

  • July - £90 per care leaver

Other households

Extra local welfare assitance funding has been made available, for households who do not fit into any of the three groups listed above. You will need to apply for this help. If you are facing financial hardship, apply for local welfare assistance