Help to stay in my home

Why is it important to try to stay in your current home?

Like many London boroughs, there is a severe housing crisis in Ealing and it is very challenging to get suitable accommodation in the borough. There is a particularly acute shortage of temporary accommodation to house homeless households.

Only around one third of applicants who apply as homeless, qualify for an offer of housing from the council. We often have to place households outside of the borough and even outside of London. Staying in your current home is often the only way to continue to live in your local area, to keep your children in their current school and make sure you do not have to travel extra distance to work. 

How the council can help if you are a tenant

  • We can help negotiate with your landlord if you have been served a notice to leave or received court papers which could lead to eviction.
  • Advise you on your tenancy rights.
  • If you are having difficulty with your rent or mortgage, we can offer advice or help.
  • If you are affected by the government's welfare benefit cap, we offer you advice or help about getting into work or applying for discretionary housing payments.
  • Visit the council offices during office hours to see our trained housing solutions officers if you think you are at risk of becoming homeless from your landlord.

Discretionary housing payment

You may be able to get extra help with housing costs by applying for a discretionary housing payment

When can your landlord just ask you to leave a property without a court order?

If you are renting privately, your landlord will normally need to seek possession through the County Court and get a bailiff's notice. However, some exceptions do apply. The most common exceptions are:

  •    you have a resident landlord that you share facilities with eg the kitchen and bathroom
  •    you do not pay rent for your accommodation
  •    you are staying with family or friends as part of an informal arrangement

If your landlord has indicated that you must leave the property you should contact the council to discuss the help that may be available, even if your landlord does not have to get a possession through the courts.

Help if you are living with friends or family (licensee)

If you have been asked to leave by relatives or friends, we can mediate and try to resolve the issues.

As a licensee your landlord does not have to get a court order to evict you. You will only be entitled to reasonable notice which can be verbal or in writing. Once this notice expires, you do not have a legal right to remain in the property.

  • We may decide to do a home visit to assess your housing situation.

We may be able to:

  • Help you get into work or training through the council's job clubs
  • Help you to stay in your home until you find alternative accommodation
  • Advise you on your housing options and prospects based on your personal circumstances including your housing benefit entitlement.

Domestic violence

If you are experiencing domestic violence, you may have to leave your home immediately. Read more information on domestic violence.

Home in need of repair

Sometimes you may not want to stay in your home if it is need of repair. Due to the shortage of affordable housing in Ealing, it is often better to insist that your landlord performs the repairs rather than seeking to move home. Read more about disrepair