Tenancy agreement

The tenancy agreement is a contract between the tenant and the council that states what the council's legal obligations are and what the tenant's are. The agreement means that you have a legal right to stay in your home as long as you keep to the conditions of your tenancy.

In short, your tenancy agreement means that you must:

  • pay your rent promptly
  • use your property as your main home
  • follow the conditions set out in the tenancy agreement
  • let us know of any changes in your circumstances that may affect your tenancy
  • not cause nuisance or harassment (including racial harassment) to your neighbours
  • not use your home for any illegal purposes
  • let us know if you rent out any part of your home or take in lodgers
  • not run a business from your home
  • ask for permission to make improvements to your home

The council must:

  • make sure that the structure and space outside of your home is kept in good repair
  • make sure that you can receive power and water supplies
  • make sure communal areas are kept in good repair and are decorated
  • maintain communal gardens
  • make sure that everyone has similar tenancy conditions to you

The tenancy agreement gives you certain rights. These are:

  • to pass on your tenancy to someone that qualifies
  • to buy your home
  • to swap your home with another council or Housing Association tenant
  • to have a lodger or sublet part of your home
  • to have your home kept in good repair
  • to enjoy living in your home without nuisance or interference from others
  • to improve your home and get compensation for some improvements
  • to be consulted on any changes affecting your home or your tenancy
  • to see information we keep on you, for example, your housing file

For a copy of your tenancy agreement, please ask at your local reception office.