How long it takes to repair

When you report a repair we will discuss the nature of the problem with you and advise you what response time (priorities) we have placed it in. The response times are measured from the date you report the problem to us.

The priorities are emergency, urgent or routine. Each priority has a maximum time allowed for the work to be done. We take your 'right to repair' into account before deciding on the prioriity. For emergency repairs, an operative will call at your home within the set response time. For all other repairs inside your home we will give you an appointment on a specific day which will fall within the priority for the repair.

Some repairs need to be looked at before repair work can be ordered. Inspections are carried out by appointment, which are am and pm. 

Emergency repairs: within one working day

This is for repairs that are necessary to remove immediate danger to people, avoid flooding or major damage to the property, or to make the property secure.

Urgent repairs: within three working days

This is for work that needs to be done quickly to overcome serious inconvenience, but where there is no immediate health or safety risk. We will offer you an appointment.

Routine repairs: within 15 working days

This is for work inside or outside your home where the problem does not cause immediate inconvenience or present a danger to occupants or the public. We will offer you an appointment, unless it is a communal area.

Programmed works

This is for repairs that require planning and are generally more complicated.