How long it takes to repair

Repairs can be reported online or via My Account

When you report a repair we will discuss the nature of the problem with you and advise you what category we have placed the repair into. It will be classed as either an emergency or routine repair. We take your 'right to repair' into account before deciding on the priority.

Emergency repairs

This is for repairs that are necessary to remove immediate danger to people, avoid flooding or major damage to the property, or to make the property secure.

We aim to respond to emergency repairs within 4 hours.

Routine repairs

This is for work inside or outside your home where the problem does not cause immediate inconvenience or present a danger to occupants or the public. We will offer you the next available appointment, unless it is a communal repair.

We aim to respond to routine repairs within 28-days. The response time is measured from the date you report the problem to us.

Programmed works

All repair requests are assessed by our team of repairs surveyors. If a repair does not solve the issue or the problem persists, it may need replacing. The repairs team are not responsible for item replacements. This is for repairs that require planning and are generally more complicated.