Renting your property

Private sector leasing

We lease your property for a set period of time to accommodate households in housing need. We will be responsible for the property during the period of the lease and you get a guaranteed rent for the period.

  • We will carry out the inspection and supply information on any grants available
  • Rent is set up to the maximum level of Local Housing Allowance (LHA) for the property size in that particular area.
  • Council guarantees monthly rental payment, with an upfront payment of £500 per year of lease.
  • You are exempt from paying the private landlord licensing fee if the property is in an Ealing ward where the property licensing scheme has been introduced.
  • Council provides ongoing tenancy management - free of charge.
  • You are responsible for repairs
  • At the end of the tenancy, if you do not wish to extend the lease, you will get back the property with vacant possession

Benefits of private leasing scheme

  • The council will do a free inspection and give advice on how to improve improvements and grants available
  • Trouble free
  • No commission or finder fee
  • The landlord chooses the tenant, who is most suited for the property
  • Rent guarantee
  • The council does all the relevant checks and will assist in completing all relevant forms/applications such as housing benefit application
  • Free London Landlord Accreditation Scheme( LLAS) voucher worth £100
  • Ongoing tenancy management

For further information please contact the acquisition officers on 020 8825 8765, or email