Renting your property

Direct lets

This is a quick and easy service. The council will find you a tenant but you can still self-manage your property or employ your own managing agent. There is no need to pay commission fees or to lose control over the property. 

  • The council offers a one-off incentive  for a signed one or two year assured shorthold tenancy (AST).
  • We do the inspection and supply information on any grants available.
  • We identify and shortlist up to three households, you choose who to offer the tenancy to.
  • Rent is set up to the maximum level of local housing allowance for the property size in that particular area. For your reference please note that a change in households circumstances can lead to a change in their welfare entitlement.
  • This is not a guaranteed rent scheme
  • The council will provide financial assistance up to £250 to the landlord to purchase landlord insurance.
  • We assist in completing all the relevant forms such as housing benefit applications for households where applicable.
  • If your property is in the Ealing wards where the landlord licencing has been introduced we will pay the licensing fee once the application process has been successfully completed.

Benefits of the direct lets scheme

  • The council will do a free inspection and give advice on how to make improvements and grants available
  • No commission applicable
  • The landlord chooses the tenant, who is most suited for the property
  • Financial assistance to purchase insurance of the landlords choice up to £250
  • The council will assist in completing the housing benefit application or will signpost the tenant to universal credit where applicable.
  • Landlords are also encouraged to carry out their own relevant checks
  • Free landlord accreditation scheme (LLAS) voucher worth £100

For further information please contact the acquisition officers on 020 8825 8765, or email