Renting your property

How to rent your property

Renting with Ealing Council is trouble-free and cost effective. We will find you a tenant, and complete all the paper work on your behalf at no cost.  We work in partnership with you on creating sustainable tenancies by offering a straight forward and secure service. By working with the council, you will be helping the community around you and families in genuine need.

You can contact the landlords team at or by telephone on 0208 825 8765

We have two main schemes, direct lets and private sector leasing scheme, with the benefits of both set out below:

 Benefits  Direct lets scheme Private sector leasing scheme

Principal renting schemes

The council will carry out a free inspection and give advice on how to make improvements and grants available  Yes  Yes
Trouble free  Yes  Yes
No commission or finder fee  Yes  Yes
The landlord chooses the tenant, who is most suited for the property  Yes  No
Financial assistance to purchase landlord insurance  Yes  Yes
The council does all the relevant checks and will assist in completing all relevant forms/applications such as housing benefit application  Yes  Yes
Free London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) voucher worth £100  Yes  Yes
Cash incentive of £500 upfront for every year of the lease  No  Yes