Occupational therapy

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy can help you to carry out the everyday activities that are important to you, enabling you to lead an independent life.

Occupational therapy can support you through the use of equipment and adaptations with:

  • Moving around your home
  • Getting out and about
  • Getting dressed
  • Using the bathroom
  • Food preparation, eating and drinking
  • As well as with many other daily living activities

Getting occupational therapy help at the right time can enable you to regain and maintain your independence.

Who would benefit from occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy input is suitable for individuals who have already taken steps to help them with daily tasks, and are still struggling to do the things they want to.

Occupational therapy can help you by:

  • Identifying and providing equipment to help you,
  • Planning for and making adaptations to your home,
  • Explaining how you can use equipment / adaptions to carry out tasks.

Contacting occupational therapy

If you or someone you know, would benefit from Occupational Therapy input, you can make a referral to the Advice and Referral Centre by:

  • Discussing the suitability of occupational therapy in meeting your/their needs by calling 020 8825 8000

An occupational therapy assessment

If following a conversation with the social care advice and referral centre it is decided that occupational therapy input is the best way to help you, you will be referred for an occupational therapy assessment.

An occupational therapy assessment will either be carried out in your home or over the telephone and will consider what you want to be able to do and how occupational therapy can help you to do so.