Ealing child and adolescent mental health transformation plan

Ealing’s transformation plan for children’s mental health has been produced in partnership with the other clinical commissioning groups (CCG’s) in North West London (NWL). The eight CCG’s are committed to improving mental health and wellbeing for their local communities.

In February 2015 the CCGs launched ‘Like Minded’ – the NWL strategy for mental health and wellbeing. The publication of the government’s mental health strategy for children and young people, ‘Future in Mind’, was timely and the CCGs have framed their work on children and young people to focus on ways of implementing ‘Future in Mind’ across our eight boroughs.

To support both the local and national strategy we are submitting a single plan which defines where we have joint priorities, and where we will undertake specific projects to respond to local needs and current service arrangements. Through working together we can learn from good practice, ensure best value and develop flexible services for our populations.

The priorities outlined in this document are the key steps to transforming current services.

Ealing child and adolescent mental health transformation plan 2015 to 2020