Local Strategic Partnership

Safer Ealing Partnership

The Safer Ealing Partnership (SEP) is Ealing’s multi-agency Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP). Every local authority area is required by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 to have a CDRP that works to reduce crime and disorder.

The Safer Ealing Partnership is charged with delivering the objectives set out in the borough’s Community Strategy with the overall goal of making Ealing: 'One of the safest places in London with the lowest possible crime rates.'

In addition to tackling crime, the Safer Ealing Partnership seeks to ensure that local people feel safe and reassured when they are in their homes, neighbourhoods and our town centres.

Ealing Council’s Chief Executive and the Borough Commander chair the board. There are representatives from key local stakeholders such as:

  • the Probation Service
  • Fire Service
  • Borough Crown Prosecutor
  • Ealing Community and Police Consultative Group
  • the voluntary and community sector.

The purpose of the Safer Ealing Partnership is to:

  • provide strategic leadership for delivery of shared objectives in Ealing across crime and disorder reduction, seeking shared solutions to common problems across the LSP.
  • build effective partnerships and multi-agency responses, and secure the appropriate investment into crime reduction and substance misuse services
  • fulfil statutory responsibilities, such as meeting the requirements of the Crime and Disorder Act, ensuring the effective implementation of the National Drugs Strategy, and monitoring the delivery of annual DAAT treatment plans and the SEP action plan

Safer Ealing Operation Delivery Partnership Boards

A number of sub-groups assist the board in the delivery of operational work under the SEP’s remit, driving forward actions that deliver on local priorities.

Sub-groups reporting to the board include the:

  • Drug and Alcohol Task Group
  • Youth Crime Prevention Panel
  • Prolific and Priority Offenders Panel
  • Anti-social Behaviour Action Group
  • Domestic Violence Task Group
  • Hate Crime Task Group
  • Counter-Terrorism Forum
  • Volume Crime Group
  • Local Problem Solving
  • Increasing Public Confidence Group
  • CCTV Strategic Group