Local Strategic Partnership

What is the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP)?

The LSP is a partnership of public agencies, business, voluntary and community sectors working together for the benefit of local people.

The partnership was formed in January 2002 and brings together local statutory organisations (such as the council, police, hospital and clinical commissioning group) to work alongside the voluntary sector, business, community groups as well as other key agencies. 

All the latest LSP reports and list of meeting dates are available through the Ealing's committees pages.

What does the LSP do?

The LSP provides strategic leadership in active problem solving and leads on project work on key local issues, and delivering improvements and outcomes on strategic issues that no single organisation could achieve alone. The LSP is...

  • a forum that brings together senior representatives from private, public and voluntary sector, to identify opportunities to work together on shared priorities for the benefit of the residents of Ealing
  • for brokering relationships, solving strategic problems, setting cross cutting priorities in a learning culture for a better Ealing
  • for identifying and agreeing borough priorities and facilitating cross-sector working with focus on engaging local people and honestly challenging each other
  • for honest conversations to agree the important Ealing issues that we can only work through together and make sure they are solved
  • about creating and supporting relationship between key players in the borough and reviewing evidence and agreeing priorities for action
  • a highly motivated and energetic partnership for pooling efforts and aligning resources for the benefit of the people of Ealing
  • the place to analyse borough issues through shared data, agree joint solutions, which engage the people of the borough and agree how to pool our money and people to achieve agreed outcomes
  • for focusing on delivering key priorities in a synergistic partnership that results in the improvement of resident’s life in the borough.

The LSP has responsibility to:

  • Agree to adopt the borough plan 2018-22 as its overarching framework within which to frame future activity
  • Secure delivery of the plan’s vision through regular monitoring of progress on key priorities/priority projects
  • Act as the focus of, and support the delivery of, strategic value for money projects across partners in the borough, driving efficiency, reducing duplication and bureaucracy through partnership working and acting as the steering group for key areas of value for money work requiring significant cross-partner working
  • To work closely with the Health and Wellbeing Board, Children and Young People’s Partnership, Safer Ealing Partnership, Employment and Skills Group, and LSP priority projects, ensuring effective programme and performance management of the work conducted through the LSP
  • Communicate across partnership organisations the outcomes of work conducted to deliver partnership efficiencies and improvements
  • Through the actions of individual members, build relationships between partners to progress projects and wider positive change
  • Take individual and collective responsibility for focussing action on active problem solving, including focussing LSP meetings on sharing information to support innovation.