Please note the ground conditions at Greenford Park Cemetery are very wet from October to April. Please be careful when visiting the cemetery.  Also, during these conditions families wanting to backfill the grave themselves may only be allowed to do a token backfill for their own health and safety. 

Funeral bookings are carried out at: Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, Ealing W5 2HL
Telephone: 020 8825 6030
Email: cemeteries@ealing.gov.uk

Cemeteries run by the council

  • Acton Cemetery, Park Royal Road, Acton
  • Greenford Park Cemetery, Windmill Lane, Greenford
  • Havelock Cemetery, Church Avenue, Southall
  • Hortus Cemetery, Merrick Road, Southall
  • South Ealing Cemetery, South Ealing Road, Ealing

Cemetery opening times

Open: 8am weekdays, 9am weekends (365 days a year)

  • 4:30pm November, December, January and February
  • 5:30pm March and October
  • 7pm April and September
  • 7:30pm May, June, July and August  

Report a problem in a cemetery

Cemeteries not run by the council:

  • Gunnersbury Cemetery, 143 Gunnersbury Avenue, Acton and Hanwell Cemetery, 31 Uxbridge Road, Hanwell
    Managed by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
    Telephone: 020 8992 2924
  • Hanwell Cemetery, 38 Uxbridge Road, Hanwell
    Managed by the City of Westminster
    Telephone: 020 8567 0913 


If a funeral director is arranging the burial please allow them to make the arrangements.   

New graves are available at:

  • Greenford Park
  • South Ealing
  • Acton 
  • Hortus Cemetery

Havelock Cemetery is closed for new graves.


There is a section at Greenford Park Cemetery for the burial of pre-term babies, infants and children up to the age of thirteen. If required, the graves can be dug to allow space above for one or both parents.

Cremated remains section

New cremated remains plots can be purchased for Greenford Park, South Ealing, Acton and Hortus Cemetery. The plots measuring 3ft x 3ft (90cm x 90cm) can take up to four cremation urns for burial.

Cremated remains can also be interred in our newly installed columbarium, which is located in the rest garden at Greenford Park Cemetery.


Memorials are allowed in all our cemeteries but can only be erected by a recognised memorial mason. A ten-year memorial lease and a permit to carry out the work are both required. In the interest of safety there are regulations about the placing of memorials. Please ask your memorial mason for further information.

Memorial trees, benches and plaques

Read about the memorial scheme

Muslim funerals

Greenford Park Cemetery only provides Islamic burial space. Hortus Cemetery in Southall is now full, and closed for Islamic burial space.

Interments in traditional Muslim graves need coffins or caskets, and are usually carried out within 48 hours of the booking. This service is available Monday to Friday. Funerals can be held on Saturday but a premium fee is charged to cover additional expenses. This charge is added to the purchase and interment costs.

Scattering of ashes

Arrangements can be made to scatter ashes in the rose garden at Hortus Cemetery in Southall or beneath a memorial tree within the woodland burial area at Greenford Park Cemetery. 


Pay for burials, grave purchases, grave searches, memorial work or planting and maintenance.

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