Marriage and civil partnership ceremonies

If you are planning to get married or form a civil partnership in the UK, there are legal preliminaries that must be completed before the ceremony can take place. You may need give a notice of intention before getting married.

Where can I get married?

A ceremony can take place in:

  • a register office
  • an approved premises
  • a registered building
  • a church or chapel of the Church of England or Church in Wales
  • a naval, military or air force chapel registered for marriage
  • at the residence of a housebound or detained person

List of approved premises in Ealing borough

Please be aware that the list of approved premises in Ealing changes regularly. If your desired venue is not on our list please contact the venue directly to ensure they are officially registered for legal marriages before contacting us.

If you want to have a ceremony in a registered building, a church or chapel of the Church of England or Church in Wales, please contact the person in charge of the building. Talk to them about the date and time of your ceremony and also confirm they are registered for marriage.

What do Ealing register office offer?

At Ealing register office we can register ceremonies at the Norwood Suite in Ealing Town Hall, any registered building without an approved person or any approved place in Ealing borough.

Fees and charges

Marriages at an approved premise or registered building need to be booked with the venue and Ealing register office.

Ceremonies will usually take place between 8am and 6pm. However, later ceremony times will be considered in some circumstances. Please contact the register office for further information.

Deposit and cancellations

A deposit is payable at the time of booking. If you attend the appointment, the deposit will be used towards payment for the service. The full fee for the ceremony must be paid six weeks before the date of the ceremony. If you need to cancel or make changes to your ceremony, your fee may be retained and an additional fee may be applied. For more details please see our ceremony cancellation and amendments policy.

What happens after the ceremony?

Once the ceremony has finished, the couple will be presented with a certified copy of the marriage entry. The charge for this copy is £4 and is included in the ceremony fee guaranteeing you receive one copy on the day. You can ask for extra copies on the day of the ceremony. They will cost £4 for each copy. The extra copies will be posted to you.

Please note the cost of copy certificates increase over time. They are £10 each once the register is closed. This is usually around two months after your ceremony. 

Same-sex marriage

The government has announced that the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013 will come into effect in March 2014. This allows same sex couples, who are not currently in a civil partnership, to marry each other in a register office, an approved premises or a registered religious building where the religious organisation has agreed to do so.

Notice of intention to marry for same sex couples can be given from 13 March 2014 and the first same sex marriage ceremonies will take place from Saturday 29 March 2014.

This first stage is only available to couples who are not currently in a civil partnership with each other. The second stage of implementing the act, which will allow civil partners to convert their civil partnership to a marriage is expected before the end of 2014.

Please contact the register office for more information or visit the gov.uk website. If you have already booked a civil partnership ceremony with us to take place after 29 March 2014 and would like to change this to a marriage, please contact the register office as soon as possible for advice.